Friday, July 01, 2016

JULY GOALS / new month

Happy July!

New month = new goals.  

Hopefully the momentum of last month will continue into this one.  I realized this morning that I actually tend to write / think about two sets of goals for each month.  This is probably overkill, but it is what it is.  One is more habit-focused: things I'd like to do every day, perhaps additions to my usual routine or to focus on things I already do but not as consistently.  The other is more task and project focused.

Here are my habit/routine goals for the month:

Daily Meditation
Continue No-S
Continue flossing
Avoid using phone 6p-8p
Read daily (goal of finishing 2 books)
Update shubox_plans daily

I am experimenting with capturing these habits/routines in the Yearly Planning section of the Hobonichi - I tried this once before and I will admit that it was very rewarding to check off the boxes. . . but I also often forgot to do it :)  We'll see how things go this time.

Obviously, my life goals are not all centered around daily habits -- the habits are the foundation that (I hope!) will allow me to accomplish the Big Things, at home & at work.  Those tasks currently reside in Project Lists in my GTD system - which I will show off later this month in the planning series I have promised.  I think I will aim for a GTD/planning specific post every Monday - because I still want to write about other things, but this way I will get through the list of topics I wrote about earlier.

I'm super-excited for the weekend!!  3 days of family time.  I can smell the chlorine + burgers already.  We have playdates planned, lots of social time, a date night, and we are going to hit at least 2 items on the Summer Fun List, including C's first movie in the theaters (Finding Dory, of course).

Happy weekend and happy MONTH.  2016 is half over . . . seems impossible, but true.