Monday, May 09, 2016

(Happy!) Mother's Day

I don't remember if I've ever had a great Mother's Day.  In past years, odds were high that one of us was working.  This year was just wonderful.  Seriously.  It was a weekend at home that had every great ingredient.  Beautiful weather (sun and 70s-low 80s).  Kids that slept well.  No one sick (!).  No one on call.  No work stress.  Family in town with not one but two celebratory brunches.  I did barre (at home) on Saturday and ran 6 mi in clear sunshine on Sunday.

Josh gave me earrings, Annabel gave me a homemade necklace AND plate AND photo (with her quote: "I love my mommy bigger than the world, only because she is my mommy").  Cameron gave me giggles and smiles and kisses.

So, yeah.  I may be entering yet another call week (I seem to have front-loaded the year), but my heart is full and happy.  

ALSO: I have 0 emails in my inbox and am filled with GTD-inspired ideas.  Hooray!

brunch prep in progress

lemon ricotta and blueberry pancakes, zucchini/onion frittata, 
chocolate babka, bacon, berries

attempting a Mother's Day pic


more JOY
family @ the Marlin's game while my mom and I relaxed at home during C's nap


part of an online shopping haul for the kids
(C is growing out of everything & they were due!)