Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hi / life updates

Hi!  I had grand plans of posting a lot this month.  Yet here we are, April 14.  A brief update in list/pictorial form:

1) Annabel is 4!  She had a ballet birthday party AND a family dinner PLUS a celebration at school.  So many renditions of happy birthday.  Maybe a little too much, but she loved it all.

Mr. C participated in the alternate basketball activity at the party
(Most of the boys in A's class + some of the girls did, too.)

Josh and I took the day off (an official Family Policy) and brought cupcakes (Bunniecakes = my favorite) to the school.  

A got a Frozen bike . . .

 . . . and C got A's old Strider bike that she never learned to ride.  (And her old helmet.)

Also an antique doll that is basically her twin.

2) I have been continuing to experiment with bullet journaling techniques.  Below:  a habit tracker.  Pretty, but I have not been all that dedicated to habits this month.  I think I'm still tired from March.

3) I did however get myself a very motivating new toy: I splurged on a Garmin 235.  

Included:  GPS / fairly advanced running features, heart rate, steps/activity, sleep, caller ID, notifications/other widgets through the phone.
I love it so far.

(first test run)

4) The kids are growing up . . . Mr C has finally graduated from his sleep sack at age 2.  He is saying many more words and short phrases now and it's soooooo cute.  His speech is far less clear/elaborate than A's was at this age, but he is definitely getting his messages across.

5) This week I have been sleeping a lot and generally taking it a little bit easier.  I have been SO TIRED in the mornings.  Hence the lack of posting.  I think I need to go to bed earlier.  (Like 9:30)

6) Loved this post by Reading My Tea Leaves: Baby Proof: Parenthood.