Wednesday, March 09, 2016

feeling alive!

OMG!  I feel alive again.  Hooray!  I have several more topical posts (many inspired by other blog posts) swirling around in the ether*, but in honor of the rhapsodic JOY of just not feeling like ($*&@ -- and Ana's post -- here is a list (incomplete, of course) of the things that make me feel alive.

1.  Not feeling sick after feeling sick.  Glorious.
2.  Running.  In races, but also in general.
3.  Sweet family moments, like when A&C run up to me and hug me when I get home.
4.  [Censored]**
5.  Wearing something I really like.
6.  Shopping for something I really like.
7.  Laughing and talking with friends, esp over wine
8.  Wine in general
9.  Really becoming immersed in a good book***
10. Feeling like I really helped a patient or connected with a family
11. Giving a successful presentation
12. Music
13. Singing aloud to music
14. Dancing [#8 helps with this as well]
15. Journaling, writing, reflecting
16. Eating really good food
17. Creating something that I am personally invested in (either with my hands or completion of a project)
18. Watching a really sad or thought provoking movie

Notably not on list
Browsing facebook
Browsing Instagram

* the ether in my head, not actual drafts.  I've never actually 'drafted' a blog post, but perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad idea once in a while

** this is a family friendly website.

*** I finished A Fine Balance!  Highly recommend to basically anyone.