Sunday, January 10, 2016

sunday night playdate/dinner

More later, but I have to say:  Sunday late-afternoon playdate/dinner?

Fantastic idea.

I often struggle what to do with the evening hours on weekends, and letting the kids run around while the adults can talk / drink a little / eat is basically perfect.  I think this -- or the extended family version of this -- will be a Sunday night tradition.

In other news:
- We saw Star Wars.  I liked it. Didn't love it.  Same with the whole Cinebistro (dinner/movie combo) experience.
- I finished my 10 mile run today.  It didn't go so well, honestly.  I think (hope?) my legs were really tired from Flybarre the day before plus it was HOT.  Ahh well, whatever happens in the race I will have fun, and training was a good experience
- We had a lovely impromptu family lunch on Saturday.
- My hair is straight again.  And it only took 3.5 hours!
- I am tiiiiiiired.  Going to bed now (9 pm).