Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Streaking: 20 days of posts

You guys.  I have this amazing list of topic ideas right now.  A long, juicy list!  Some of you have written comments, others have emailed or Insta'd.  Anyway, thank you.

Today is 20 days into posting daily!  I'm not sure when this streak will end, but . . . eventually it will. I accept that.  Although eerily today I happened to randomly come across a reference to Jerry Seinfeld's "chain method", and I instantly thought of my 20 posts.  Apparently, Jerry once noted that to begin a reliable daily habit (his was writing/practicing his jokes), all one has to do is to not "break the chain" every day.  Forever.  Easy!  Right?

Seinfeld method image from The Stuck Creative

No -- not for me, anyway.   I am really consistent about most things but sometimes just need to just NOT indulge my obsessive side and chillax.  So the chain will break . . . eventually.

But not tonight, even though admittedly I do not feel super-coherent.  This is because Annabel has been up nightly with fever/chills (sad!) and I am exhausted.  I felt it all day at work today (why are notes SO much harder when tired?), and I continue to feel it right now.  I have to-do items on my list that normally I would actually enjoy doing (planning-type things, including C's 2nd bday invite and other social fun things) but cannot muster the mental focus or energy.

Here's to waking up with more energy / focus / writing mojo!  Good night.