Saturday, July 11, 2015

coming back into the light

I'm feeling 100x better today and feel ready for a kid-centric weekend (Josh is on call).

Today's plans:

Bfast with kids (whenever they get up . . . could be anytime)
Run to beach - easy 6 mi (babysitter coming x 2 hours so I can do this + shower)
South Pointe Park w/ the kids -- it will be hot, but they have water play
Whole Foods to grab bananas and ingredients for baking project.  And maybe lunch.
C's nap / Baking project w/ A. I'm thinking we may make (yes, paleo) blueberry muffins
Post-nap probably walk around neighborhood / perhaps to see cousins
Dinner leftovers
Bedtime for kids
? Reading (if Josh still at work) or watch first episode of Catastrophe - heard about this on a podcast and I am intrigued


We'll see if things go according to plan.  If not, I'm okay with it -- but I know I am always better off with some kind of idea!

I had mentioned discussing June's goals and some thoughts for Q3 (July- Sept).  We'll save Q3 for a later post, but I will say that June went pretty well.  (July so far has not -- at all -- for obvious reasons -- but I'm finally ready to turn that around.)

I essentially failed at Whole30, though even a few days of very clean eating was sort of a nice reset.  (uhhh - Whole3?).  I have been exploring more of the world of mindfulness/meditation, reading a few pages of Jon Kabat-Zinn's Where You Go, There You Are every day.  I've even meditated for 5-10 minutes on several occasions (including today!).  I am not sure if it is 'getting' me anywhere -- but I like the process itself and have noticed a few glimmers of remembering to be present throughout the day, which is often a challenge for me.

I did a great job staying off of my phone -- averaging under an hour a day on the Moment app.  This 100% correlated with me feeling happier, more clear-minded, and more present.  (To contrast, I think my July average may be over 2 hours.  Ugh.  Turning things back around now).  

Will be back with:

- Q3 goals
- Current parenting challenges (3.  It's an . . . interesting age.  We'll see how this weekend goes before I post!)


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