Monday, March 30, 2015

weekend/workout report

I had some pretty specific plans . . . and I am happy to report that most of them came to fruition.  It was a really nice weekend, actually.  The only major variation was that I did not take the kids to swim class.   There was a chill in the air (fine, it was a mild chill, but still), and A was protesting before we even left. Soooo I decided not to tempt fate and we headed to the playground instead.  I think swim class is a 2-parent activity right now, and that just is what it is.

Young At Art (kids art museum):

Playground & First Attempted French Braid

I need more practice

Workouts from last week
(no illness & no call = a much better week)

Monday 4 mi super easy on the TM (was getting over being sick) 9:44/mi

Tuesday: 40 minute barre3 (ballet body)

Wednesday: 5 mile run: 3.2 mi on the TM 9:41/mi and then 1.8 mi outside at 9:29/mi

Thursday: Power 45 class at flybarre

Friday: Interval run (outside) - 1 mi warmup, 4 x 400m at ~7:45/mi with 400m jog intervals, 1 mi cool down (4 mi total)

Saturday: 3 easy treadmill miles (9:40/mi average)

Sunday:  (painful and hard but good!) Power 45 class at flybarre

Whew.  This morning I slept in and rested -- I don't usually work out 7 days in a row.  Hopefully these recaps aren't tooooooo boring.  I like the accountability.  

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