Monday, October 06, 2014

last week at a glance: planner shot

Planner season is approaching and I really want to do a post detailing how I use my Hobonichi Techo Cousin (hint: obsessively and extensively).  Here's a week shot without any patient data or anything unsuitable for public viewing.  My dentist's phone number is visible but I figured he'd probably appreciate the free advertising.

This is the weekly view.  This big bad planner has both weekly, monthly, AND daily pages which sounds excessive but now I don't know how to function without all 3 :)

Tracked on it are:
* workouts (planned and then sometimes notes recorded afterwards)
* weekly tasks (sometimes they get done . . . sometimes they go to the next week)
* any "firm" time commitments -- as you can see, I don't have tons of those.  Mostly it's just regular old work, home, repeat :)
* call details (yes I am at the end of a call week - my last until Thanksgiving!  YEAH!)
* other random notes and things I want to blog about 

I already have my 2015 edition just waiting to be filled out and used like crazy.  Maybe next week I'll show you a daily page!


Weekly training rundown
Some of you have expressed interest in my 1/2 marathon training so I figured I will do a weekly report. (Also: motivating for me!)

Week 0/16 9/29 - 10/5
M: 30 minute barre3 online workout (Total Body Rev)

T: 4 miles: 1 easy, 2 T, 1 easy.  Easy miles were at 9:37 and 9:50/mi; tempo miles were at 8:29 and 8:39/mi.

W: 3 miles easy (6.3 mph on treadmill) + 10 minute strength workout -- pushups, shoulder presses with squats, lunges with raises, glute/hamstring pulses, plank (1 min)


F: 4 miles easy (9:48/mi)

S:  Relaxed family walk/run (2.5 mi, ~10:00/mi) with Josh, who pushed this:

S: 6.2 mile "long" run.  Splits 9:15 - 10:03/mi, average 9:44/mi.  Done in 72 degree temps (blissfully cool!) and with a segment on the sand.

It was a good weekend.