Sunday, August 10, 2014


We had a great weekend.  I was working and had to round in the hospital both days, but somehow the past 48 hours felt relaxing nonetheless.

For one, I am happy to be able to say that I didn't stress over how C was being fed and it was incredibly refreshing.  I think maybe, maybe, MAYBE I'm finally getting over the whole pumping/exclusive MBM thing.  I'm pretty sure he's thriving.  And that he loves me.  And that's really the whole point, right?!  Even the arbitrary 6 month deadline can't mean much at this point for health outcomes -- I'm sure he'll get the same benefits if the freezer stash runs out at 5.8 months.  I mean, REALLY.

select weekend highlights:

1.  Watching Pitch Perfect with Josh (home, on demand).  I had never seen it despite being very involved in the a cappella scene in college (Ephlats, yeah!).

2.   Lots of pool time for Annabel, who is actually getting sort of close to actually  . . . swimming.  She's definitely not water-safe yet but is really comfortable under water and definitely gets the concept.

3.  Cameron started babbling with consonants (da, da, da, DA!) JUST this evening.  I keep forgetting how FAST little babies change.  And that he's already really not that little anymore . . . 

4.  Viewing Mary Poppins with Annabel (half last night, half tonight).  I loooooved that movie growing up and it's so cool to see her enjoy it too.

5.  Running both days -- 3 w/ the family yesterday and 4 miles on the treadmill today in the afternoon.  Lots of steps on the FitBit, which I am still having fun with.

6.  Dinner out (w/ both kids) at Burgers & Beer.  I shared the bison/bleu cheese burger with tomato jam with Annabel.  Plus sweet potato fries!  Both of us were happy.  

7.  Just having Josh home and in full dad-mode all weekend.  From this morning: 

(He likes to draw cartoons for Annabel to color in, and apparently both find the process scintillating)

Oh!  And I finally did this . . . and then Shutterfly ate it.  At least I copied the preview so it will be easy to reconstruct:

6 months isn't too late . . . right?

And finally:

I feel lucky tonight.

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