Sunday, May 11, 2014


Just a few things I didn't understand before having Annabel and Cameron:

-- just how much liquid an overnight diaper can hold (a LOT, and yet sometimes not quite enough)
-- how a non-rushed shower alone can feel like a luxurious spa experience
-- how easy it is to spend an hour just rolling around on the bed with your 3 month old
-- the feeling of being connected at the heart with a small being:  the way that their joy is my joy, and their pain mine as well.

There is no question that having children has changed my life, and as a result -- me.  The highs are higher, the lows lower, and I appreciate the days/hours/seconds ticking by in a much more poignant and meaningful way.  It's all more tiring, but the bright moments just sparkle.  On a practical note, after A&C it is more difficult to carve out couples time or time for ME, but when I do make it happen (and I do!), it feels much more precious, and I enjoy it more.

To A & C:
Thank you, my two babies, for making me -- in addition to wife, doctor, hobby-blogger, lover of heeled shoes, and runner -- a mother.  I am absolutely not a martyr "doing it all".  I am not tirelessly scrubbing floors and making homemade preserves for you.  But I am giving you my love, and -- on the whole -- enjoying you both so much.  I think you are both amazing.

Hopefully that means I'm doing this right.

To Mom:
Thank you for everything.  Only now do I understand that mothers are just making it all up as they go along :) I think you did a good job and I hope you had fun, too.  ❤❤❤