Tuesday, February 11, 2014

wheel spinning

yep.  still here.  
approaching the big 3-9, and no action in sight.  i am just now realizing that for some reason i sort of expected to go sooner than last time.  as if waiting until 40+3 with annabel would only be balanced out by an earlier arrival with round 2.

i recognize that it's not even slightly appropriate to complain yet.  after 40 0/7 [2/20/14], then i can write a fairly legit whine-filled post, but for now it just doesn't make any sense.

so i'm not impatient.  i will not go for my first run in 5 weeks in an attempt to shake things up; i respect my baby boy's right to remain in his warm and increasingly cozy quarters.

however, with that said, i'm still TOTALLY OVER being pregnant.

38.5 weeks.
also: it never looks as big in pictures as it does in real life!!

fun fact:  i was born 17 days past my due date -- if my mother's dates were calculated correctly.  i'm just glad modern medicine won't allow for that anymore.

so, here's what's happened over the last week:
[the important things anyway]

we ordered closets!!!  the elfa/container store people will be coming to install tomorrow.  i really really hope it works out and will definitely report back.  the design process was not as bad as i imagined.

 i am feeling much more mentally ready . . . now that the closet task is set :) car seat base is installed, baby clothes washed/sorted [our nanny did end up doing this, basically of her own initiative - she is awesome], the relevant baby 'stuff' has been unearthed, and we even built a cube unit from target [same one that annabel has, but with 'boy colors' . . .heh] to get things more organized in the nursery.  i haven't packed a hospital bag -- because that just feels like wishful thinking -- but i did write out a list in case something does happen all of the sudden.

 i got in some serious relaxation time over the weekend.  i took TWO naps on sunday and had a prenatal massage.  so, basically i'm never allowed to complain again -- this was heavenly.  also, my work schedule is lightening, and i've been using annabel as my alarm clock [between 6 and 6:30] instead of showering before she wakes up.  i am just prioritizing rest because my body is demanding it, and honestly - it feels good.

 i found out i'm anemic.  and i'm the one to blame, since i stopped taking prenatals quite early [i know, horrible. but i had a hideous aversion, and then GI issues so  . . . yeah].  it did kind of make me feel better about getting breathless from things like . . . showering.  it's not horrible -- some anemia in pregnancy is normal due to dilution.  however, hemoglobin of less than 11 in the third tri is considered low, and i was 9.7.  

[yes i restarted taking my vitamins.]

 annabel seems to be sort of getting the whole 'big sister' concept.  she has a great book about becoming a big sister and i see her sort of connecting the dots.  however, i'm pretty sure it's still going to be a bit of a shock.  someone likes to be in charge . . . 

"i stand IN the basket!"

finally, for fun:  the official pregnancy update
[from brittany who i hope does not mind me pirating her template!]

due date:  feb 20.  

how far along:  on thursday, i'll be 39 weeks.

gender: babyboy

total weight gain:  24-25 lbs.  similar to my last preg, i slowed down a lot at the end.  i think it's just a matter of anatomic space limitation for food at this point.

exercise:  quit around week 34.  and totally okay with that.

stretch marks:  no.  and please, not now in the home stretch of preg #2!!

swelling:  only in my legs at the end of the work day.  i can see a bit of pitting edema when i press - ew!   no problems with my rings fitting, though, which is nice.

belly button:  way out.  ahh well.

sleep:  as much as possible -- but with bathroom breaks every 2-3 hours.  other than that, i'm still amazingly comfortable in bed.  more so than last time, when i remember my hips aching.  maybe because i am not stressing my body as much by trying to run :)

food cravings:  not really any specific food, but i am downing la croix sparkling water at an alarming and expensive rate.

symptoms:  as above - many bathroom trips.  feeling huge and like i'm lumbering around.  fatigue.  shortness of breath.  all that said, i stand by my preference: i'd rather be 39 weeks pregnant than 10 any day.

movement:  the cute little tickles have given way to violent kicks, especially up in my right ribcage.  i remember this vividly from last time, so he must be in the exact same position that annabel was.

what i miss:  shopping.  champagne.  beer.  deli turkey.

what i'm loving:  the fact that friday is my last day of work!  so if he comes late i WILL get to spend some of next week lying around, which would be an awesome upside to a later delivery.

what i'm looking forward to:  holding him, seeing him for the first time, and introducing annabel to the real "baby boy" that we have talked up so much.  

what i'm not looking forward to:  labor!  and the painful recovery afterwards [i forgot about the squeeze bottle you take to the bathroom until someone mentioned it recently -- aghghggh!].  omg i feel like it hasn't been long enough to forget the pain of the first time around.  let's hope for a speedy and effective epidural!

to those of you buried in snowstorm #3139327:  i'm sorry.  you should all come visit.

view from josh's office: the boat show
[yes i'm a little bit jealous, but he also shares his office.  that would not be good for pumping!]