Friday, January 24, 2014

unglamorous weekend plans: an outline


6:30 breakfast + play inside - play dough, drawing, etc

8:00 walk w/ a. in stroller

9:00 playground 

10:30 quick WF trip to pick up lunch

12:00 lunch

1:00 a. nap.  work on baby clothes organization! [for at least SOME of this time!]

3:00 babysitter [prenatal massage, YESSSS].  quick dinner prep.

6:00 dinner

7:30 a's bedtime

[afterwards: read, either love and logic or fiction - download something?  or, maybe a movie on demand.  anything good that DirectTV has a chance of carrying?]



6:30 breakfast + play inside

8:00 walk

9:00 playground

10:00 get ready for swim class

don't hate, but yes it's outside.  they do have to heat the pool, though, with lows in the 50s.
[ie cold snap]

10:40 - 11:20 swim class

12:00 lunch

1:00 nap.  [and a nap for me too, perhaps.  or, more nursery/pre-baby organization]

3:00 ? visit to gparents ?

4:30 perhaps more outside time

5:30 dinner.  i'm thinking takeout . . .

6:30 bath, indoor playtime, books

7:30 a. to bed

[read, or write post]


i'm on my own this weekend, and have not really made any plans -- oops.   overall, i AM looking forward to a quiet weekend with miss a -- but i know i sometimes feel lost in the swathes of unbooked hours.  so, taking a cue from penelope loves lists, above is my master plan.  will let you all know how things shake out.

[josh will probably be at work for 90-100% of this.  if we were both off, i'd be more ambitious and plan outings to the zoo/museum/etc.  but i'm physically just not up for those types of things by myself w/ a. right now.]   


ps: the '6:30' thing is absolutely wishful thinking, but i can hope, right?

pps: if you live in this area, have kids, and ever want to plan a playdate, pleeeease let me know.

ppps: good night