Monday, December 30, 2013

HP month 1: TIME

each month for my 2014 HP, i will be picking an area of focus [here are the 12].  i am not unhappy, but i consider life a work in progress and i am excited to try new things and implement some changes.

some i may not like, and i'll ditch 'em -- after a fair trial.

others may fit just beautifully.

subject to change, of course!  but i think i'll do a monthly overview post briefly outlining the smaller goals i aim to work on for the month.  then, subsequent weekly updates can focus on one or more of those goals.

disclaimer to myself:
a reminder to me that this is not a 'perfection' project.  i'm not looking to become some sort of finished product at the end [ridiculous anyway], nor am i fixing parts of me that are broken [because i am not!].  my overall aim is experiment, explore, and tweak.  and in the process, to try my best to a) enjoy the precious time on this earth and b) cultivate a sense of awareness and gratitude around that enjoyment.

and so with that -- we begin!

january's theme:  TIME

do not hurry.  i would like to get rid of urgency that is often not really there.  this means two things:  planning ahead so that i truly CAN do 'necessary' things without rush [ie, get to work on time!] and letting go when there really is no schedule [annabel's bedtime is important, but not immutably fixed.]

 eliminate time sinks.  more specifically: avoid mental filler/noise.  i am going to limit facebook and blog check-ins to 2x/day max [and i'm debating taking these two apps off my phone.  at least for january]. 

 plan for breaks.  i am going to try to set at least 2 dedicated hours each weekend to pure relaxation time.  time to read, write [blog], get my nails done, or nap -- i'm building it in.  since every weekend is a call weekend for one of us in january, we will have our [awesome] babysitter come for an afternoon stint every sunday.  does it make me feel guilty to admit i want/need this?  yes.  but i know that i will be a better parent overall with this built-in decompression.

 dedicate time to marriage as well as parenting.  many nights, josh is not home until late [ie, after my bedtime].  but on the nights he does come home, i want us to have a non-rushed dinner with no distractions -- we already have a no phones at the table rule, although call interferes at times. 

 fill free time with worthwhile things.  things such as:
     - books [fiction and non]
     - enjoying new music [in 2010, i actually made a point of downloading 2 new albums/month and getting to know them.  thinking about doing something like that again.]
     - seeing good movies [at home, of course.  i have a want-to-see list going now, which is a major step!]
     - staying in touch with friends [via media OTHER than facebook]
     - outings, family and otherwise

HERE GOES NOTHING.  first update on monday!