Wednesday, September 18, 2013


feeling huge.  ahhh, pregnancy weight gain.  you can't exactly complain about it: it's just part of the process!  but -- and i never would have believed this before pregnancy -- it's still completely un-fun.  at 18 weeks i feel like i'm already lumbering around!

i think i'm up at least 8 lbs from where i started:  on the generous side, i believe, for this point in the pregnancy.

[yep.  hopefully i won't get admonished for this by the OB on friday.]

i keep reminding myself that this is EXACTLY what happened last time - i gained more weight early on, and much less than average in the 3rd tri, adding up to a very reasonable total that came off without any real effort.

but. i still feel kind of like a water buffalo.

updating the podcasts and music on my phone.  not sure why, but i never seem to get around to this regularly!  and the podcast app, which is supposed to auto-update, often fails me.

on the docket for this morning's commute:  this american life.  [i know, not original.  but so good!]

so excited to hear about laura vanderkam's new project:  mosaic.  i may even be IN the book [in anonymous form, of course  :) ].  it doesn't come out until 2015 but i can pretty much guarantee that i will still be interested in the topic by then.

✔ loving this post:  menu planning station from deliciously organized.  beautiful!  although a currently has a habit of stealing my shopping list when we go to the store on sundays.  usually i make a 'decoy' list for her [in addition to my real list, which i depend on]
which is sometimes successful.

✔ living without a closet.  or a washer/dryer.  did you know we reaaaaaally aren't moved in yet? i've stopped caring [sort of] but it's definitely starting to get old!  josh and i just need some time together to figure these home-related things out, and we haven't had nearly enough.  so looking forward to having this weekend off together [and TWO -- yes TWO! -- in october.]

stopgap solution:  LAME.  
anyone have any experience with california closets?  i think i may need them in my life.

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