Sunday, May 05, 2013

in pictures: DC

additional notes:

* i didn't end up running the race this AM.  a had a meltdown on the shuttle bus and it just felt like the wrong choice.  made up for it later with a fabulous 5mi around the monuments.

* i gave my talk today and seem to be still alive!

* i just had a margarita.  happy cinco de mayo.  and now i'm about to sleep at least 8 hours: my own personal fiesta.

* i am realizing i should have taken more food photos.  there were some seriously memorable meals on this trip.  also, though i usually prefer non-chain establishments, i am sad le pain quotidien hasn't made it to NC or FL yet.

* a's hat [below] has the presidential seal on it.  josh bought it.  i love it so much.