Wednesday, April 24, 2013


i think senioritis has officially set in.


things i am greatly looking forward to:

- not having to sign patients out [gotta say -- i feel ready.]
- not feeling broke
- living near a lot of family!
- josh not leaving the house before 5 am and returning after 9 pm on an average weekday
- having walls that go up to the ceiling [i love our loft but i'm just done with this aspect]
- not having research/writing hanging over my head

things i will miss:

- durham!
- durham friends
- having my sister [relatively] close by
- being able to easily turn to one of my attendings when i feel stumped by something [often they are stumped too, but not always.  plus, it's just a nice feeling to feel like someone is making sure things are okay when i'm unsure of things.]


3 more months.


[action plan forthcoming]