Wednesday, February 20, 2013

follow up

thanks, everyone
your comments and emails re: my post from earlier this week were appreciated -- i'm still thinking about them.  i've also been pretty busy with work, hence the radio silence on this end.  but i'm okay [fine, maybe a little tired].

i think that i need to spend more time appreciating what i have, and less comparing myself to some sort of mythical ideal.

i think that i need to spend some time thinking deeply about my priorities and what really matters to me.  

i think i need to watch myself when it comes to ambitious goal-setting.  i don't want to look back 10 years from now and think:  why did i spend so much time trying to 'improve' on what was already good enough?

i also think that -- as some of you mentioned -- i need to continue working on getting back to the present moment and just live without judging or overanalyzing or even thinking about how to best preserve the memories.  

and speaking of live:
we're about to head into quite a busy stretch -- but for happy reasons.  josh and i will celebrating all weekend with k and dr s. as they tie the knot.  we're both in the wedding party and it is going to be an amazing time.   

i will be back afterwards with pix / culinary details / discussions of anything OTHER than the dreaded  b word.  now, off to the couch with a book [and a pager].