Tuesday, January 01, 2013

shift parenting & NYE

i love taking care of annabel.
i mean, who wouldn't?

but on weekends when i feel like i need to get things done, it can actually be a little stressful.  often one of us is on call, so there's no contention about who is with a. for most of the day.  but if we're both home, i have to admit that sometimes it can be a little more complicated.

the truth is, we both love being with her.  but we both crave some self-time -- time for rest, hobbies AND just to get things done.  yesterday, i made a decree at 8:30 in the morning that we were going to take 2 hour shifts with babybel, not counting naps [because really those are breaks for both parents!].  we ended up each enjoying 1 shift yesterday, and 2 today.  so far, i really like this.  alternating means that i can really be present with her when i'm 'on duty' without stressing about when-am-i-going-to-get-to-do-XYZ?.  and in truth it makes me feel less guilty about taking some time for myself.  i'm going to go out on a limb and say that i don't think that most fathers have this problem, but i am sure that many other mothers do.

this morning, i got up at 6 to get annabel and hung out with her until 8
josh had her 8 - 9 -- nap was 9-10:20
josh had her 10:20 - 11:20
i had her 11:20 - 1:50 [ok, a few extra minutes there]
josh had her 1:50 - 2:30 -- nap was 2:30 - 3:45
josh had her 3:45 - now [4:22 as i'm publishing this].  

theoretically he's still got time in his 'shift' but i miss her, so i think we're done with shifts today. 

things i did during my shifts:
-- ran [today.  yesterday i took a. out in the stroller.]

-- tons of laundry

-- made baby food purees:  potato/pea/carrot/leek, butternut/cheddar/whole wheat pasta, and lamb/sweet potato/tomato [all recipes from this book which i mostly bought because the author's name is annabel -- i know -- but it turned out to be pretty useful]

-- made our family calendar, an annual photo project that i had been putting off for weeks but NEEDED to get done for obvious reasons

-- wrote this post 

things i did not do:
nap.  and i'm a little sad about it, but i will be in bed by 9 pm tonight, so hopefully will feel rested tomorrow anyway.

NYE 2012
probably the tamest since i was annabel's age myself.  but i'm okay with my 10 pm bedtime.  we did manage to drink some decent bubbles:

and had a nice menu, including black-eyed pea salad served with pita chips, steamed snow crab [my choice - LOVE it], and pumpkin pie that josh made for me because i complained about not getting any this season!

snow crab with butter:

snow crab looking far too much like a hand in this pic:

photogenicity aside, it was delicious.

assorted details:
half marathon training:  going well.  i'm really not doing anything particularly hardcore, and am happy with the 21.3 miles i accumulated last week [missed one run due to a cold, or it would have been 25].  i'm also getting faster with the stroller -- 3 mile PR yesterday at 9:03/mi pace

weaning:  is happening.  i've been breastfeeding annabel 3x/day for the past 2 days -- morning, mid-day, and before bed. tomorrow i head back to work, and am not bringing the pump.  here's to hoping i don't uhhh, explode or anything.  i think i'll be okay, though -- the one nice benefit of less-than-impressive supply is that weaning isn't so bad!  as i've written previously, i'm hoping to stick to twice/day feeding for as long as i can.

resolutions:  excited to work on my AM routine -- more thoughts on this to come -- and FLOSS tonight.  studying will start tomorrow [my plan is to implement this on work days, not weekends and holidays.  at least not until closer to my boards!]

happy new year!