Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 wish list

to whom it may concern,

2012 was an absolutely amazing year.  i am incredibly grateful for SO many things that have come to pass over the last 11.5 months.  obviously, one stands out:

side note:  the best toys are . . . not toys.

but the past 12 months were beautiful in other ways, too.  time with friends and lots with family -- a wonderful side effect of bringing a new person into the world.  good health [in general, though i am still hoping 2013 will be better for some people that i am close to].   a stable job and financial situation.  and of course, adjusting to life as a new working mom -- a role that, as it turns out, i really do love.

so, here's the thing.  for myself, i have only one great hope for 2013.  it's not another pregnancy -- though i would be fine with that, right now i think i'd rather spend a little bit more time just enjoying our family of 3.  my hope does not concern a material item, and it's certainly not a race PR.  instead, at the moment, i am consumed with desire regarding just one . . . little . . . major life detail:


not just any job, but a specific job.  a clinical job at a hospital that really has it together, with smart caregivers that communicate with one another and care deeply about their patients.  a job where i can put my 11 years of post-graduate training [coming to an end in july!] to good use, and come into my own as a pediatric endocrinologist.  a job that is demanding but rewarding, and one that makes me feel like packing up for day care every morning and having to kiss annabel goodbye is worth it.   a job where i can truly immerse myself during the day, but still have time for family and the rest of life.  a job where i can grow as a physician AND as a person, and hopefully with time and experience become a truly fantastic doctor, making a difference in the lives of lots and lots of kids and families.

in summary, thank you.  2012 was absolutely full of gifts, and i know that i am lucky.  but i would be incredibly grateful for just this one more thing.


side note 2:  kwak ale beer glass & stand!
best gift ever [from josh]

side note 3:  tried the slow cooker today
white chicken chili.  it worked!  thanks, everyone.