Saturday, December 29, 2012

date night: home edition

we're actually headed out to a real out-of-the-home date night in a few minutes -- a double date at a newish restaurant in raleigh [mandolin -- i'll let you know how it is!].  but i am happy to report that not every date night requires a babysitter.  as we continue to exit 'survival mode' and enter . . . life mode, i am looking forward to many more of these in the future.

last night's at-home feast:  belgian style!

preparations began just before a's bedtime -- josh worked on slicing potatoes while i gave her a bath.  by the time she was tucked in, the kitchen was in full swing.   the meal was inspired by some very special belgian beer i had gotten josh for his bday.  a coworker showed me the nor story behind the famous belgian brewery [in a nutshell -- the beer is usually only available at their abbey, in belgium, but was released to the public as a one-time deal on 12.12.12].  and since i love a good story [and so does josh] i was inspired to stand in line at 9 am at total wine & more to get some!

our totally uneducated review:  it was delicious.  and strong.  i could tell after a few sips that our planned movie night was probably not going to happen.

in our household, cheese is a requirement for cooking during date night:

if you see this goat brie, i highly recommend checking it out.  and it went SO well with the beer.

dinner - which was totally planned out and mostly executed by josh - involved tomatoes stuffed with shrimp salad:

plus oven frites:

and mussels.  i don't know why, but mussels seem to be a standard 'special dinner' for us.  and yet they are one of the easiest dishes to make!

as i foreshadowed above, we ended up crashing after the above meal instead of watching moonrise kingdom.  i'm hoping movie night will take place tomorrow or even on new years' eve -- we'll see!  heading out to raleigh now . . . but last night was a nice reminder that every date night does not require a babysitter and plans made far in advance.  just the two of us at home -- and preferably not on call.

other happenings:

-- i got to hang out with the lovely kath on thursday!  we of course chatted about all things BABY.  more pix on her [much prettier] site!

-- i ran 7 treadmill miles today

-- josh ran 1 treadmill mile -- half of it BAREFOOT.  he is reading born to run and i think he is inspired . . .

i'm not jumping on this bandwagon anytime soon

-- i got another dress for my 2nd interview

-- we bought out babygap.  i really cannot control myself in there.

-- a is crawling EVERYWHERE.  and thoroughly enjoying herself.