Sunday, October 21, 2012

weekend notes / half marathon mini-report

ramblin' rose half marathon: what can i say?
beautiful day.  beautiful course!  and a beautiful babe waiting for me at the end:

post-race with a and her doting grandparents

i had a great time running the ramblin' rose half marathon today.  i certainly didn't PR, but am really happy with my result.  it was a hilly course, and i managed to stay extremely steady.  and i didn't really feel DONE until the very end [there was a huge hill right before the finish!].  

conditions were ideal and it was so much fun to meet my family at the end.  i actually got a little teary in the beginning miles remembering how i came to watch the race last year, just a few months pregnant after giving up long distance running for fertility issues.   i'm so thrilled to be out there again, but now i have this extra appreciation for what is truly important and what's just extra.  

stats:  chip time 1:56:40, 8:54/mi average

k ran the race too:

and she and dr s celebrated with us afterwards, brunching at the mad hatter.  i had sort of forgotten about the classic durham breakfast spot -- but it was very good. 

i think someone enjoyed herself . . .

and just when you thought she couldn't get any happier -->

gearing up for yet another week.  my parents are headed back to philadelphia tomorrow after their short but sweet visit.

dinner tonight:

autumn fish chowder from clean eating mag + amazing loaf bread from the farmers market

baby food tonight:
i went on a puréeing frenzy, making:

-- sweet potato/broccoli mix
-- cod/carrot/sweet potato <-- used some of the fish from our dinner, cooked separately
-- apples

i'd be more proud of myself if i didn't burn the (*&$@# out of one of my favorite pans while making the apples.  it happened while i was folding laundry -- the sad price of multitasking, i suppose.

time to organize my desk
and get to BED.  HOWWWW is the weekend over already!?