Tuesday, October 23, 2012

week off

not from work . . .
because all of my vacation went to maternity leave.  but i think i'm going to take the next 4 - 5 days off from from running and working out.  and, i'm going to go to bed as early as i can and just rest up as much as possible.

the thing is:  i'm terrible at giving myself time off.  i'm not terrible at taking time off, because sometimes i just say FORGET IT and skip a planned workout in favor of stretching out on the couch with a carton of haagen daz.  it happens when i'm tired, when i'm too overwhelmed with work, or if i'm not in the mood.  but it's rare that i actually give myself permission -- even a plan -- to relax.

it's been 6 months since my last significant running hiatus -- and that was right after, you know, giving birth.  so now seems like a logical time to take another one.

[you may not even see many posts for a few days!  i hope, though, to be back with renewed energy and fresh ideas.]

break time
do you ever take planned breaks -- from running/training, exercise, studying, etc?  if so, how often?  i never used to plan them in, but i think that once/season would be a good idea.  

random day care pic:

[sorry couldn't help myself!]