Sunday, September 09, 2012

shopping / weekend fun

what a weekend.
i had low expectations for this weekend - josh was on call, and i much prefer the family vibe to that of [temporarily] single mom.  but just as i got used to time by myself, i think i'm starting to get into a groove of enjoying my time with annabel.  the key seems to be planning ahead* to make sure i have something to do other than sit in our apartment wistfully thinking of all the 'normal' couples/families out there having fun.

over the past 48 hours, i:

got in my first yoga session in ages [30 minute yogadownload].  this was especially rewarding because i'm starting to feel like i'm in my normal body and not just inhabiting a floppy / awkward postpartum version.  i can chatauranga again and still do wheel!  not attempting any crows/headstands just yet.

✰ had a wonderful brunch @ guglhupf with sue and baby eamonn.  

✰ cooked two fairly involved dinners from this month's eating well mag.  annoying on a weeknight; fun on a weekend.  my new cooking habit:  wine.  what can i say?  it definitely makes time spent over the stove/cutting boards more festive.  

curried lentil-stuffed acorn squash.  recipe from september 2012 eating well mag

along with our squash, i made annabel her own [plain] butternut squash purée!  she tried it tonight, and i think she was a fan.

✰ started reading happier at home.  so far:  love it.

✰ ran a really terrible fake 10K race on the treadmill.  yeah, i bonked in my own home.  at least i got in the miles -- not easy on josh's working weekends -- and annabel slept through it all.

 enjoyed a lovely date with a new friend [hi e :) ] at the mall.  not only did we have a really great time  browsing baby clothes and comparing pumping notes [surprise!  neither of us are fans . . .], but i found a new favorite clothing store  <-- details below

✰ really enjoyed my time with annabel.  we did totally mundane things together [grocery shopping] and also had plenty of focused playtime.  it's taken all of her 5 months, but i really feel like she KNOWS me now, which is such a rewarding and wonderful feeling.  and josh did get to spend some time with her too!

✰ caught up with my parents over FaceTime.  i really love showing annabel off to her [obsessed] grandparents!

operation anti-frump
so just one chapter into happier at home, and i'm already inspired to dress better.  i'm not sure why, because the book really hasn't addressed this specifically [at least, not yet].  but seriously, i am so tired of feeling frumpy in ill-fitting jeans and stretched-out tops.  

i went to the mall today giving myself permission to get some new things to address this issue, and ended up falling in love with madewell.  i had admired their clothes online before, but we just got a brick and mortar store at our local mall, and i was excited to check it out.

jeans were 30% off if you bought two pairs, so . . . i did.  plus two shirts and a skirt!

i'll still always love anthropologie, but i think i have a new favorite.  and i am determined to put a little more thought into my outfits from here on out.  i may be a mom but i see no reason i can't be a [somewhat] fashionable one!

* isn't it always?