Friday, August 24, 2012

weekend plans

7 mi long run*
visit bec + bring her lunch [and babybel]
generalized cleanup
write thank you notes
mail package [if time]
date night @ sitti** with our first non-relative babysitter!

3 mi easy run + a date with jillian michaels [i've been ignoring her all week . . .]
brunch w/ N + M
catch up with 'rents
meal plan + groceries***
possible dinner @ our place with K + Dr. S

* 7 miles = the first long run of my plan that actually sounds somewhat . . . long.  i can't wait!

** and it's raleigh's restaurant week!  so excited for a prix fixe lebanese feast.

*** i always thought shopping with an infant would be a pain, but the grocery store is basically annabel's favorite place.  

josh and i are both off AGAIN, which is nothing short of miraculous [typically the stars only align like this 1 out of every 3 weekends, but he's getting payback for some extra time worked in the past].  it may look like a mundane list but honestly . . . it sounds like heaven.