Monday, August 06, 2012

settling in

business as usual
life is starting to seem less like a race and more just like . . . life.

certain things are becoming automatic:  washing pump parts.  packing bags for work.  bathtime.  treadmill.  washing pump parts yet again.  [and again.  currently my least favorite chore ever -- unless you count pumping itself.]

settling in like this is a relief in a way -- i don't want to go through my days in a state of white-knuckled panic, cortisol* surging constantly as i try to fit everything in.  but i don't want to go completely autopilot, either.

sad but true fact:  i only had 2 hours [if that] of awake time with annabel today.  she's already 4 months old and it just feels like it's going so fast.  too fast.

at the moment
i'm feeling good.  no one in this house is febrile and i don't think anyone even has a cough or cold!  i'm sure this germ-free state will last about 30 seconds, but i'll enjoy it while it lasts.  today i pumped enough, gave a presentation, wore a passably cute outfit, worked out with ms. michaels, and got dinner on the table.  

even if it wasn't the most gourmet [inspired by this real simple recipe]

i think i'll consider this monday a success.

previous recent meals of note
in case anyone is looking for ideas . . .

spinach + goat cheese frittata [also from the current issue of real simple].  

this one tasted especially good because i didn't make it!!  [apparently josh's omelette skills transfer to frittatas.  good to know. . . ]

yellow squash gratin from cooking light

this looked pretty and was a nice use of the current summer bounty [farmers' market tomatoes + squash], but was too labor-intensive for my taste these days.  plus, i just don't love quinoa -- even if i sort of feel like i 'should'.

back to men's springboard diving
and the pump.  at least i will be distracted. 

* hormone released during stress.  yes, i think about these things -- how could i not?