Thursday, August 09, 2012

a [very] few things

1.  i dislike thursdays.  i'm a positive person and don't typically make blanket statements like this, but . . . seriously.  thursdays are the lowlight of my week, time and time again.  i've never understood people moaning about mondays -- come on! the week is fresh and new; are you really burned out already?!  but thursdays are nearly always my breaking point.  i'm tired and ready for a break, but there's still one . . . more . . . day.  [i could probably do some sort of fancy blog analysis to prove this, but i'm too lazy.  probably because it's thursday.]

and honestly, my day was actually fine today -- a fairly productive and busy one in the lab.   but then i got home and just wanted to lie on the couch and eat chips, which is pretty much what i did [after bath time + putting a. to bed, of course].  contributing to my relative gloom this evening is the fact that josh hasn't even seen annabel since sunday, and i haven't encountered him awake since monday.  SO ready for him to go off service!

note to self: i should always plan for a rest day and the easiest possible dinner on thursdays.  because that's all that's ever going to happen.  the end.

2.  i just ate the best popsicle ever.  it was the highlight of my, uh, thursday.

lunapops - apparently a local company?  
i found them at whole foods and just had a sea salt caramel one -- DELICIOUS.

3.  apparently someone at our day care was sick with hand-foot-mouth [ie, cocksackie virus] this week.  omgomgomg SOOOO not in the mood to deal with this right now -- a has only been cough free for about 2 days.  i am fervently hoping that she still has circulating antibodies [of mine] to this obnoxious illness.

a. at daycare yesterday morning.  there could be vicious virions on that innocent-looking pillow!

4.  i composed a list of 10 things i hate about pumping while pumping this morning [of course], but i'm not going to post it.  i'm lucky to have the luxury of pumping and the ability to breast feed, not to mention a baby to pump FOR. the end.