Wednesday, May 09, 2012


thank you
i can't thank you all enough for sharing your wise words and experiences on yesterday's post!  i read all of the comments at least twice and showed them to josh, too.  i have no idea how people raised children without the internet!

[okay, not really.]

[[but seriously, life without the internet!?  i have no desire to go back!]]

[[[i can't believe i was so hesitant to get a smartphone!]]]

[[[[but i'm still clinging to my paper planner + lists!]]]]

well, that was disappointing
i brought annabel to the polls yesterday with NC's amendment one in mind . . .

unfortunately, as i'm sure you've seen, the amendment still passed.  by a lot.  disappointing, NC!  but let's at least give good old durham a shout-out for going in the right direction.

durham county voted against!

i bought a new cookbook today!

and some new tops, extra nursing bras, and a subscription to runner's world [i had to boycott for a while]. 

new cookbook, served with my lunch

i should probably stop, but i have a birthday month discount to anthro in my hot little hands!  hmmm . . .

to write some thank-you notes.  not sure how long this nap is going to last . . .