Saturday, May 05, 2012

1 month!

how is it possible!?
has an entire month gone by since this happened!?

it's so cliché, but i have to say i already forget what life was like without this little bundle in my life.

waking up to this every morning feels like a dream has come true [especially when it's actually light outside :) ].  i love her and i feel like i'm getting to actually know her.  her patterns, needs, and even a glimmer of personality -- which seems to be growing every day.

she is starting to respond more, and there are even some brief moments that i think she's actually smiling AT me.  

she has her cranky moments [7 - 9 pm is not her best time . . . ] but on the whole she is still such a sweet and happy baby.  most nights, she sleeps fairly well, either in 2 or 3 chunks.  her longest stretch ever was 6 hours, from 10:30 - 4:30, but she certainly doesn't do that regularly.  a few patterns are starting to emerge, but every day and night are still different. 

surprisingly, she actually enjoys tummy time -- at least in limited quantities.  and she actually has already flipped from front --> back several times.  we may have an athlete on our hands . . .

and i assure you she didn't get that from me.  and she certainly resembles her father!  but every once in a while at a certain angle, i see myself [as a baby] in her!  in this picture, for example . . .

quick notes:

she loves:
eating.  she chows down every 2 hours -- sometimes more often -- during the day, for a total of 8-9 feedings in each 24 hour period.  breast or pumped and given via bottle -- she doesn't really care, as long as there's milk coming out.  she gets a bottle from dad every night as long as he's home in time to give it!

the ceiling.  what is she staring at?

her paci

♥ when i sing to her along with the stereo.  her favorite seems to be joni mitchell. 

♥ mornings - they are definitely her happiest time!

♥ napping in her stroller

any kind of motion -- via the bouncer or in my arms

she dislikes:
✘ bathtime -- though this is improving

✘ daytime naps.  it often takes a few tries to get her down, and the crankiness factor tends to build.  but eventually she does okay.

vital stats:
her peds appointment isn't until next week, so i don't know her official length/weight . . . but she was 6 lb 4 oz at birth and then 7 lb 7 oz about 10 days ago, so i'm confident she's likely in the 8 range by now!  

she still wears newborn size clothes -- i brought out some 0-3s to try today and she absolutely swam in them.  [i'm really looking forward to entering that size bracket because she has a TON of cute outfits!  we don't have that many newborn options because i didn't realize she'd be in them for this long!]

next up --> what i've learned, 1 month in 

have a wonderful weekend!