Sunday, April 08, 2012


this is not the birth story
but it's coming. just as a teaser, there was some minor drama [c-section threats! yoga poses on the bed -- while half-paralyzed from the epidural! etc . . . ] but it all worked out.


i can honestly say it's been a dream come true so far. it seems crazy to be so in love already, but we are.

hospital day 2

there have already been some challenging moments/questions [we ended up giving her the pacifier the second night because even feeding hourly didn't seem to do anything!] but on the whole i think everything is going really well. we're learning from her every hour of every day.

we're now home and settling into a quasi-rhythm -- well, as much as you can when on-demand feeding! milk is now freely flowing [yay!] and today we even made it OUTSIDE for a 5 minute walk around the block [literally]. i'm feeling pretty good -- better than i thought i would at this point.

tomorrow's excitement:
first pediatrician visit! [i hope her weight is okay!!!]
first bath [sponge-bath, but i'm still nervous]

that's about it. and if i have time, perhaps i'll write about how it all went down on 4.5.12.

meal planning
i didn't do such a great job of stocking the freezer pre-baby -- in my defense, our freezer isn't really that big! however, someone else has seriously picked up the slack . . .

proud father + chef!

tonight's creation [that i had no hand in whatsoever]:

mini greek lamb burgers


i'll be back soon!
thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and thoughts -- it was so much fun sharing the past 40+ weeks with all of you. and, thank you as well as for advice over the past 9 months -- i WILL be needing more of that to come.