Sunday, March 04, 2012

work in progress

notes from the nursery
i am jealous of our baby's wardrobe.

approximately 0.2% of her collection


mom, can you make a pair in my size now?

getting there . . .

kind of.

so the crib isn't just a convenient storage receptacle?

a moratorium on further purchases
i think that at this point i am DONE buying things. anything i find that i need post-baby can be purchased post-baby -- imagine that! okay, mayyyyyybe i'll pick up some cheap nursing tanks. but that's it.

still to do . . .
the only essential tasks left are:

☑ car seat installation
☑ breast pump setup
☑ hospital bag packing

. . . and these will happen next weekend to [hopefully] celebrate approaching full-term status. and being off of the pager, for at least 2 weeks!

off to work!