Sunday, March 25, 2012

weekend link love

perhaps fertility goddess venus of willendorf has decided to make up for past ills.

while i have no signs of impending labor [though this silly quiz says i'm "gearing up for labor soon!"], i'm having quite a decent call weekend. while i did go in to round for a few hours [and will again this AM], there were NO overnight pages last night and few calls overall! i'm hoping the trend continues, but even if it doesn't, it will be over in ~24 hours.

so, i did get the essentials in yesterday: a workout, a much needed nap, and plenty of blog-perusing and murakami time. josh and i walked to pick up pizza for dinner, missing a violent downpour by mere seconds. i did not settle on any sort of shelf, but there's plenty of time for that -- and i've accepted that the nursery will be a work-in-progress as our baby grows into it.

[of note, as much as i LOVE looking at others' beautiful baby palaces, i have a hard time wanting to do all that much with our current apartment knowing that we only have ~15 months left to live here! i think when we move into more permanent digs i will feel very differently. and admittedly, having slightly more $$$ to play around with by that time will be helpful, too :) right now i'd rather use our funds for things that will either a) save time or b) make our lives easier/more fun than on decor.]

weekend reading
short happiness project piece on work vs. play. i agree with the concept but still cannot REALLY conceptualize morning hospital rounds as 'play'. maybe someday, though!

i think emily's favorite color is mine, too

great list of links from organizing your way on efficient and healthy cooking and eating post-baby. i think i read all of her links -- very timely! but i still haven't put anything in the freezer yet. . .

and finally, some food for thought: an opinion piece on food stamps + junk food on i can definitely see both sides, but i have to admit my job experience [particularly with young type 2 diabetics] does cause me to lean towards a junk food ban. thoughts?