Monday, January 09, 2012

successful enough!

it was close
so the answer to yesterday's cliffhanger [will an IKEA futon fit in a prius?] was . . .


with the front seats ALL the way up, we did get both the futon and mattress in there. but this left no room for the reasonable seating of two people -- one of us 6' and the other with an inconveniently bulky uterus. plus, there was zero visibility out of the back -- not the safest for a ~2 hour drive.

so, we had it shipped [$129 for any locals curious] and it's coming tuesday. it all worked out! we also took home a few random goodies [2 lamps, some cheapo cutting boards, and a box of KEX, off the top of my head].

i know josh had a fantastic time [he looooooooves the IKEA cafeteria. a lot.]

this was his midmorning snack

and this was mine. yum

fueled up, we spent about an hour and a half browsing and confirmed our futon choice:

beddinge resmo

it's actually quite comfortable and has a real mattress with springs, which i think will be great for guests. we went with brown instead of blue for a bit more versatility.

i may end up doing a fair amount of breastfeeding while lounging on this couch, so i am also happy to say that all of the upholstery is machine washable!

after our loading fail, we made it to molly + ben's to catch up and meet the whole family. so lovely to hang out! med school gossip was traded with parenting tips.

after a delicious lunch [#2 for josh i guess] we headed back on the road to durham. the drive took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes -- really not so bad.

dinner was a little rushed [a hurried stop at whole foods on the way home . . .]

but we made it happen!

josh really wanted steak rather than salmon and i didn't really care, so i gave in. josh made steak au poivre and i worked on some roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts.

easy. fairly classy. DONE.

i got kind of sick of the steak while eating it and had to donate some to josh, but somehow found extra room for this:

luscious bread pudding made wih love [and pound cake] by k

not the healthiest day [but fun!].

not the least stressful week [but it worked out okay!].

headed into a new work week today -- things look a little bit insane on the inpatient side but i am determined to go in with grace. monday, you can BRING IT.