Thursday, January 12, 2012

moment to moment

wishing the day away
from the moment i woke up today, i found myself wishing i could do anything other than get on the pager and go to work for what is likely to be a 12-hour+ day [we have an evening conference].

i fantasized wildly about:

cleaning / organizing [i feel so haphazard in the new year thus far!]

catching up on laundry

answering emails! [if you've emailed me this week, i apologize for not responding yet and promise i will get back to you!]

spending some quality time on the couch with 1Q84

grocery shopping so that we actually have something in the house other than bread, peanut butter, and cereal

sitting down to really regroup on my goals and perhaps get started on some of my 10/100 [we're down to 83 days before my due date, after all . . .]

but that is not today
today will be:

an early run/walk workout as soon as i finish this post

a busy morning in the hospital

an afternoon in lab [i have to stop by to go over some data because of an abstract i'm planning to submit early next month]

dinner / meeting with regional pediatric endocrinologists [triangle trifecta of duke, unc, and wake med]

and everything will still be okay. i will not run out of clothes to wear. no one will care if the bathroom isn't sparkling clean [except maybe me]. we will eat out/takeout a few times. nothing catastrophic will happen and i can still have a great day -- no less perfect than the one above.