Monday, December 12, 2011

i'll take it

as call weekends go . . .
after a rough start, this on-page weekend turned out to be quite nice. it included:

time for gift-buying! [even if most of it was online]
plenty of quiet time at home to get housework done
time to read more about the music i've been loving lately and to finally delve into 1Q84
a day away from the hospital [we didn't need to round in-house yesterday!]
2 holiday parties
1 cool-but-sunny run and 1 relaxing gym session
a conversation with my parents <-- sunday essential
3 nights of uninterrupted sleep [ <-- practically unprecedented for weekend call]
a delicious brunch out:

ham & gruyere omelette; pommes frites; salad from vin rouge

the above was great, although i ordered mushroom [not ham] . . . but was then too hungry to wait for a replacement! i also chose to fill up on their bread rather than the fries, although both were delicious.

this picture does not do their chewy crusty french bread justice. it is my favorite!

i also had a few moments to do some shots of the ever-expanding bump. 24 weeks, baby:

the bump is taking over

seriously, i feel like i look farther along, but it is what it is! ahh, the plight of a short pregnant woman.

yet another stocking stuffer idea . . .
how cute are these kate spade list pads!?

there's the short list version in pink:

from see jane work, $7

and a longer version in cheery yellow:

also from see jane work, $9

perfect for coworkers or friends with lots to juggle.



weekly workout rundown: good balance - especially for a call week:

espanol: confession: i only hit 3/5 days last week. about to dive in right now.

reading: very little, but i am okay with that while on call.

evening resolution: still needs work. more on that tomorrow!