Monday, December 19, 2011

from weekend to week

miami was lovely, as usual. stepping off the plane to feel a tropical breeze in the middle of december is always welcome, even if the experience is short lived. after almost a decade of visiting miami beach [and associating it with carefree vacation time], it is starting to become a reality to me that we are going to be living there in just about a year and a half. i'm going to have to get used to balmy morning runs and a whole lot of sunscreen.


but this trip was more about family than it was about the sun. it was really wonderful getting to spend time with KK + pop-pop [josh's grandparents], even if the reasons that brought us down were more bitter than sweet. he is feeling better now but still recuperating from a long hospital stay, so we spent all afternoon in their condo, discussing everything from old memories [baby-care in the pre-disposable-diaper age!] to new horizons [stem-cell infusions for heart failure].

i didn't take a single picture. i sort of decided that i didn't want to feel like i was 'covering' the trip for my blog -- turning my daily discipline into a chore of sorts and perhaps taking away from my true presence during the [extremely] short interlude. that sounds great, but in reality i absolutely wish i had brought my camera -- it made me realize that my vacation recaps and photo-sharing is absolutely just as much for me as it is for "the blog" [as an abstract entity] or for you, the readers.

insert pretend picture of josh, me, his parents + grandparents, all sitting around laughing while watching boats speed by on the bay

insert nonexistent picture of me with my adorable niece + nephew, playing with a little mermaid stickerbook [instant gift hit!] and going through an intricately-orchestrated bedtime + bath routine together

insert picture of josh looking a little shellshocked, suddenly realizing that pretty soon we're going to be going through our OWN bedtime routine

insert photo of an amazing meal at tudor house on the night before chef geoffrey zakarian won on the next iron chef

so ummm, at least i know that for next time, the camera will come along even if the laptop doesn't! and i will remember that lacking photo evidence does not take away from the memories of precious time spent with family.

new week
if flying were much cheaper and more environmentally sound, i would take 24 hour trips to various destinations all the time. it was pretty crazy and amazing to spend a day with family in a completely different place and still arrive home on sunday in time to do laundry and buy groceries.

given this, i feel ready for the week. i'm starting yet another new project . . .

a newcomer has made it to the active book stack on my desk

the kitchen is stocked with ingredients for future dinners, plus plenty of lunch leftovers . . .

last night's healthy taco bowl from the current issue of clean eating

josh and i had some essential couch time after we landed, and i managed a run outside while it was still light out. really, i feel like this past weekend had more in it than would seem to fit into just 48 hours or so.

off to practice some spanish, do a little yoga, and then attend my last [i think?] 2nd tri OB appointment. bring on the week!



workout: an incredibly refreshing 3.73 mi at 10:13 pace. i am still feeling quite good out there at 25 weeks! 7-day rundown:

not so balanced -- i had been better about weights and yoga until this past week. but i'm still happy with the running and my overall activity level.

dinners: this week's meals will be brought to you by the current issue of CE -- although i'm a little sad because there are no easy links to share recipes here! i was reading the jan/feb issue on the flight back and found a number of recipes to try. last night's taco bowl [shown in the post above] was excellent - i'm already excited about eating leftovers for lunch.