Wednesday, October 12, 2011

things that are underrated

reading a novel in bed while it's raining


being in a conference and finding it interesting

running in a light rain

waking up when your significant other crawls into bed with you -- but just for a second

boots with the fur ["with the furrr"]

not having to rush

8.5+ hours of sleep

old friends

life seems to be going at warp speed these days and sometimes i think i fail to notice some of its more subtle offerings. i have decided to take [yet another] internet detox -- i'll still be posting, but no blogs/facebook/etc until monday.

all right, off to do spanish!



workout: REST day! and i'm still sore from lifting. wow.

dinner: leftovers! more vegetable fried rice from sunday night. i've now eaten it daily for the past 3 days and there is still SO much more . . .

spanish: check!

endo: ~30 minutes, more neonatal thyroid/thyroid physiology