Monday, October 10, 2011

the right side of the bed

feeling good about the week
ingredients for a successful week:

☑ relaxing weekend
☑ laundry done!
☑ apartment [relatively] in order
☑ meals planned:

i'm even trying for lunches this time around

perhaps i needed to hit bottom the other day in order to claw my way up the productivity ladder, or maybe it's just the crazy hormonal ebb and flow going on inside of me these days. either way, i feel really good this morning! energetic, rested, and ready. i can't remember the last time i began the week in such a fashion!

it's 6:51 and i've already finished my spanish for the day -- i've decided the best way for me to commit to this will be to do just 15 minutes daily. with something like a language, i'm thinking that perhaps a little bit of exposure frequently is preferable to longer sessions less often. plus, i'm more likely to actually do it if i know it's only 15 minutes <-- this is key

workout summary: week 14

note: in order to listen to my body better during pregnancy, i have been filling this in AFTER i do the workouts, rather than planning ahead

similar to jen, i'm finding myself with much more energy now that i'm in the second trimester. this has translated to more and better workouts! the one thing [still] missing is some weights. i am planning to do some [mild] strength training today.

i got to attend my first prenatal yoga class yesterday! i kept worrying that i wouldn't be 'pregnant enough', but went to blue point to find a group of women ranging from 6 weeks pregnant to 29, so really i was somewhere in the middle. there were a few strength moves, but on the whole the class was very relaxing and just felt like pampering. i loved it and will be back!

blog updates
i have finally updated the sidebar, including recipe links for this week in the kitchen. this week, i have two cooking light recipes and then one each from the edible perspective and the daily garnish. i'm not sure if anyone ever checks these out, but i will be better about changing them weekly -- they actually help remind ME sometimes, anyway!

updated blogroll [scroll down to bottom of sidebar]! i removed [many] dead links, added some new favorites, and created a separate blogroll of pregnant/new mom bloggers, as i know there may be some of you on the lookout for these sites in particular.

vegetable fried rice
i wanted to make ashley's veggie fried rice recipe as soon as i saw it. however, it took me over a week to get my act together!

fried brown rice with snap peas, carrots, peas, egg, and tofu

so glad i finally did -- and happy that this made A LOT [delicious + healthy lunch leftovers]. meals that contain a whole grain, vegetable, and protein source in the same dish are my favorites, because they are so convenient -- and this one definitely fits the bill.

i threw some peanuts on top [didn't have the sesame seeds that ashley suggested] but otherwise followed her recipe exactly. it's a bit on the time-consuming side, because the rice itself takes 50 minutes, but you will be left with a big pot that will take you far. a perfect meal to lead into a GOOD week! [here's to hoping, anyway . . . ]