Saturday, October 01, 2011

good afternoon

out of order
i woke up and decided that i could NOT begin this lovely new month in our apartment that looked like a tornado hit it.

welcome october!!

so, i put off my usual blogging ritual, put on some this american life, and attacked the mess.

i cleaned the kitchen
i organized + cleaned my desk
i filed a million loose papers
i cleaned the living room
i started the laundry
i ran ~3.5 miles in the lovely cool crisp autumn air
i followed up labs + wrote some notes [i'm on call] -- luckily not much to do at this point and i did not have to go in

i still have to do the bathroom + our bedroom, but i feel SO MUCH BETTER!

and now october can officially begin.

on deck
the aforementioned cleaning tasks listed above
trip to the mall
some espaƱol
project apple pie, take 2:

i WILL succeed this time! image source

any fun FALL weekend plans? i am determined to enjoy this weekend, pager or no!