Tuesday, September 27, 2011

week 13

i have to make this post quick because i accidentally slept 10 hours last night. um, oops?

OB report
yesterday, i had both my NT ultrasound and a regular OB appointment. both went well!! the details . . .

this was SO much fun! the tech spent quite a while with us, tilting me at different angles to get just the right shot of mr. or miss. 13-weeks. finally, she did get what she needed [images of the nuchal translucency and the nasal bones], but in the process we got to see him/her swimming around, kicking, and just generally being awesome. she also took a few 2D and 3D shots [presumably mostly just for fun!].

training for the rope climb

our preliminary NT measurement was 1.8 - 1.9 mm, which is in the low-risk category, so that helped me to breathe a sigh of relief. after the time with the tech, an OB came in to go over the preliminary results [i guess she had a chance to review the images for a few minutes first] and told us that everything looked good!

i was able to ask her paranoid questions, such as whether the holes in the head are NORMAL:

why yes, yes they are

josh loved seeing this too [was great that he got to come!] but may have made fun of my paranoia a little, suggesting that i could star in a portlandia skit [is it normal?] in lieu of the recent classic is it local?. <-- by the way, if you somehow missed watching this, you should do it NOW!

the appointment
this part was pretty uneventful - no need to doppler, since we just saw that everything looked good!

BP down from the last visit to 109/71 [and that was done BEFORE ultrasound, too!].

weight with a full ultrasound-ready bladder, i was up another 2 lbs -- bringing my 1st-tri weight gain total to something like 4-5 lbs. instead of freaking out about it [okay, i may have started to a little] i asked the OB if i should worry, and she felt that i was right on target for someone my size, so that was very reassuring!

questions: other than several rounds of 'is it normal?' i decided to ask about my japanese hair straightening and whether she felt it was safe during pregnancy! her answer was that she thought it probably WAS after the first tri, but to find out the active ingredients in the solutions and discuss them specifically with the genetic counselors. so: i'm going to find out! i am perfectly fine with holding off on doing this if there is any evidence that it is actually unsafe, but processes like perms and coloring are safe per the OB, so i'm not sure why this would be different. i will let you all know what i find out!

all right -- off to work!!