Sunday, August 28, 2011

weekend update

good . . .morning?
i SWEAR i was a morning person. not so long ago, i probably would have had this post up hours ago with a long run report, mile splits included. today, i'm still in sleepwear and have JUST rounded up enough energy to write this post. i did manage to eat cereal for breakfast and i'm already on round 1 of saltines; i am not exaggerating when i say that the only times i truly feel nausea-free are when there is actually food in my mouth being consumed.


i did manage to write down the above to-do list, and to be honest if i manage to accomplish everything on this list, it would be miraculous and amazing. josh has been very helpful as of late, doing a lot of the general apartment upkeep, but he is at work today and i really would love to at least try to get through some of my usual weekend tasks. i'm also on call, so one variable in addition to my nausea/fatigue levels is what happens on the local pediatric endocrine scene today.

i'm just going to keep an open mind, move at my own pace, and be incredibly grateful that i have this problem to deal with!! i can also take comfort in the fact that this is normal. <-- thank you to these lovely ladies for documenting their own 1st tri experiences. reading them really does help!

shopping i will not be doing
so, i have 2 weddings coming up: one just next weekend, and another a month down the road. normally, i would have been combing the anthro sale section for weeks, looking for fun [and somewhat affordable!] frocks to add to my collection -- you know, since i had an excuse and all. however, in my current not-a-real-bump-just-kinda-thick state, i'm not feeling it. for example, i know i wouldn't be able to rock this one right now, so i'm more inclined to just shop my own closet for some more forgiving transition-wear.

rodna halter dress, $158

but that doesn't mean it's not still fun to look :) [side note: i look at the current anthro lineup and just drool! never have i wanted so many items -- why NOW, anthro!? why now!?]

and because we're all obviously in the market for heavy coats at the moment [you know, since the high today isn't 92 or anything]:

it likely wouldn't fit by the time i needed it, but the hampden coat still tempts

consolation prizes
fueled with anthro-envy [and a little bit of nausea-fueled self-pity -- even though i realize that is completely ridiculous because in truth i have exactly what i had been dreaming about for years] -- i indulged in a couple of more appropriate purchases:

this dvd came highly recommended and i have been told it's great for all 3 trimesters:

available via amazon, but i can't personally vouch for it yet!

i read about the next book on my favorite baby names blog [did you know they had such a thing?? i've actually been reading this one for years!]. anyway, i probably am getting way ahead of myself because i am NOT out of miscarriage risk territory, but i just couldn't help myself:

check out their namevoyager if you haven't already -- it's so much fun!

irene continues
finally, i just wanted to say that i'm thinking of you all up north as the storm continues to crawl up the coast. i hope you are all nestled on couches happily reading blogs right now and not dealing with flood waters or other damage -- it sounds like my family in philadelphia has fared well so far, and i just hope this is all over SOON.



workout: um, i think i probably took like 300 total steps yesterday. it was ridiculous.

i had to have it apparently, the only thing i wanted to fuel those steps with was CHICKEN SALAD. i wanted it, and i did not want anything else. so we headed to elmo's diner in the rain, and my craving was answered:

and yes, i got fries with that. please don't evict me from the hlb blogroll!

i still have 1/2 of the sandwich left and i am thinking about eating it now [it's 10:26 am]. hopefully i can hold out until at least 11!