Wednesday, July 06, 2011

finding a new groove

you know that feeling of going seamlessly from one activity to the next, confidently knowing you're on time and going about your day in just the right fashion?

i miss it.

in my new work role, living in our new apartment in a new town -- i'm just not there yet. i truly believe it is the reason for recent mishaps, for some uncharacteristic writer's block, and for the uneasy feeling that greets me when i wake up and i'm just NOT SURE how the day is going to go.

this helps, however.

i think getting back in the habit of really thinking out my day in advance will serve me well for the less-naturally-structured lab years. right now, it seems to help alleviate the anxiety that comes with having a full BLANK work day [without clearly defined tasks + assignments, no less!] staring me in the face.

even though that seems like an odd thing to stress about, coming out of residency and the clinical portion of fellowship, i really was used to seeing every day as a fairly well-defined to-do list: see this patients; write these notes; call these providers + parents -- ad nauseum. it was comforting to have an obvious starting [and ending!!] point, and most of the time, i never had to give a conscious thought to how i would best fill the workday hours.

now, i run the show. i can decide when to do certain experiments, which hours to devote to planning/thinking [note to self: MORNING!!!], and which hours are best spent on mindless tasks. i can take a decent break for lunch, taking time to read a little and even go for a short walk if i want to. finally, if i am efficient and play my cards right, i can leave the lab at the end of the day in time for yoga class without rushing or fretting about it.

you know, actual CLASS as opposed to . . . whatever this was

don't get me wrong: i want to get things done in lab -- my goal is to have data ready for publication by the end of my 2-year stretch, and something fit for poster presentation at a meeting by this spring, if possible. but i really want to enjoy life during this more relaxed period as well. i realize it is going to take some time to find that elusive balance, but i suppose that's part of the challenge -- and the fun.

note to anyone headed into the hospital today, new interns and curmudgeonly seniors alike: SMILE! i just dropped josh off at the front and noted a diverse group [from doctors to cleaning staff] of 20 stone-faced individuals headed towards the door. no one was interacting, and no one was smiling. come on! i promise, it can't be that bad . . .



workout: nada [ended up dealing with car issues -- this time josh's civic -- instead. someday we'll both have vehicles that function!]

inaugural super natural everyday recipe
i would call this delicious asian-leaning toasted coconut + kale salad a success! served with salmon [wild sockeye, rubbed in olive oil + a little soy sauce] + whole grain udon noodles to round out the meal.

here's the recipe, as posted by serious eats

heidi suggests farro as an optional grain to be added to the mix. i actually was planning to do this, but found out a little too late [ie, 7:30 pm last night] that it needed 8 hours of soaking prior to use. noodles it was! and they worked.