Sunday, July 03, 2011

every weekend should contain 3 days.

so as it turns out
i don't like the container store.

. . . i LOVE the container store!!! a lot. a WHOLE lot.

i'm glad it's a solid 30 minute drive or else i'd be in trouble. even though i was [obviously] excited to find them, i did not buy any notebooks. we did, however, come home with a spice drawer organizer, tie rack, frigoverre glass food containers, and an insulated lunch bag for josh [big step!]. i actually think we showed some excellent restraint, but alas we remain in search of a compact shoe rack/landing strip area for near the front door.

warehouse apartment tour?
those of you asking for a more extensive tour of our near place -- we're almost there! TODAY we will be doing final organization/arrangement, culminating in our first dinner guests this evening.

tentative menu:
honeydew mojitos [??] + retsina
mediterranean snack plate [for guests to much while cooking continues]
greek salad
braised lamb shanks with ratatouille
buttered noodles
jenna's blueberry crisp


i had better get cracking!

but before i get going, first a shout-out to the little raleigh restaurant where we enjoyed a casual dinner [post-container store] with my sister.

we were looking for somewhere convenient, inexpensive, and fun . . .

enter the raleigh answer to elmo's!

the three of us were ridiculous and did a round-robin trade-off of sandwich halves! after starting with some pork potstickers, we ordered: the ABC [apple/bacon/camembert, on what tasted like french toast!], the roasted eggplant, and tilapia fish tacos.

and then we shared. it was complicated -- but delicious.

more sandwiches should be on french toast bread!

the evening ended with the first half of this -- and so far, i liked it:

hopefully i'll find some time to sneak in the rest today!



workout: 30 minute jog -- finishing at the farmer's market + a very sweaty yoga class @ BP [made more challenging from the fact i had just come from my massage -- i was slipping around all over my mat!]