Sunday, July 24, 2011


so yeah, that caffeine addiction thing? FYI, IT'S REAL. however, i am reallyreallyreally hoping that it's temporary. if after one week i do not feel closer to human, i will try again with a more gradual taper. thanks to your lovely ideas on friday, i have so many things to write about -- but i need my head to feel clearer than it is right now!

i suppose the only upside is that it has given me an excuse [sort of] to just kick back for once. i crossed zero things off of any list yesterday, and instead just spent the day sort of floating in a dreamlike calm.

things i did:
ran 30 minutes [SLOW] in the heat
visited the farmer's market + bought ridiculously good orange cherry tomatoes
sat on the couch alternatively reading blogs + never let me go*
ate deep-fried pickle chips at our favorite local guilty pleasure establishment

napped [for about an hour]
saw harry potter -- 3D!

stylin' in these shades

* my current media fast? not going so well. oops!

things not done:
anything productive

ahh well. i have to admit it was rather nice for once! the problem is going to come in today when i actually DO sort of have to get some things done. if i can do the laundry and make it to yoga and the grocery store, we'll consider today a win!

back to black
i had tremendous respect for amy winehouse as an artist. such a tragic end for an amazing talent. i love this song: