Saturday, June 18, 2011

is this thing on?

not a single post . . .
and yet another week has gone by. amazing how that works!

all kidding aside, i really did miss this daily ritual. i am incredibly thankful to the many of you who left me words of support during my [albeit brief] absence. and also?

I'M BACK, BABY. raise your [caffeinated] glass!

truthfully, i don't have much to update you all on regarding the past 7 days. let's see . . .

my hair is straighter [thanks, joey!]
i didn't cook a single thing all week
i slept a solid 8 hours most nights, thanks to a well-behaved pager
i ordered a new planner [what? the medical academic year begins in july!]
i'm trying a new hormonal strategy this month
i didn't truly do a media cleanse, but i did stay away from facebook
i started lifting weights again after a several-week hiatus [ouch]
i have a new desk!

do not for a moment think that this means our apartment is in any state of completeness

and that pretty much catches you up to now.

listening to NPR's top 25 songs of 2011 so far:

. . .and planning out the day

still to come
retreat posts to resume monday!

an update on my 10 in 100 summer goals, and perhaps a few new intentions for the second half of this year

apartment tour: where we are now

and now, i'm off to walk to the farmer's market [followed by a trip to work to do a consult]. thank you all again for your comments, emails and support over the past week -- it really does mean a lot to me.

now catch me up: what was the highlight of your week? did i miss anything?!



workout: still happening. my current routine is something like:
monday: 20 minutes elliptical + weights
tuesday: run to and around east campus [slow, and under 30 minutes = josh approves]
wednesday: yoga
thursday: run [same as tuesday]
friday: 20 minutes elliptical + weights
saturday: yoga
sunday: run [again, 30 minutes or less]
i can't wait to get back to my beloved yoga studio after a rather long hiatus [moving, then car issues, then on call], but other than that, the above will be my basic blueprint for the time being.

cooking: SO ready to start doing this again. i miss both the act of preparing food AND eating my own cuisine! i finally ordered heidi swanson's beautiful book, and i can't wait to dive in:

i think i may feel another cook-through project coming on . . .