Thursday, May 05, 2011


paradoxical fatigue
i was so tired yesterday, from the moment i awoke to the moment i crashed on the couch for a 2 hour nap [at 6 pm. perhaps not the smartest move . . . ]. i realize that some of this is from readjusting to the two-hour time difference, but come on -- i was in denver, not new zealand or hawaii [cue wistful sigh]. i think it's more just post-travel fatigue, which doesn't make much sense given that all i did was sit on a plane all day [sleeping for half of it!], but it is what it is.

anyway! i charged through the first half of my to-do list yesterday, but upon arriving home the couch was calling my name loudly, as was some cheese in the fridge + michelle's book, which just arrived in the mail.

as it turns out, the opening of her book is absolutely disgusting and not what most people would prefer to read about while eating cheese [not having to do rectal exams: reason #2 i went into pediatrics*]. luckily, i am a doctor and therefore immune to such gross-outs. [ <-- not really. i guess i just really love cheese.]

anyway, so the book? it's great so far! i was fairly captivated as michelle brought me through her medical school experience, which sounded like mine in some ways [she met her future husband right at the beginning of med school!] and not like mine in others [she seems to have been far better at anatomy].

schedule shenanigans
i had a rare full day at the office yesterday, just catching up on a million clinical loose odds 'n' ends. today, i will be headed back into the lab -- although really just for 2 weeks, since my vacation starts may 20 [!!!!] and i am back on service in june.

i was sitting there, very stressed about my schedule. worried that the people in lab think that i am some kind of serious slacker, because this whole in & out thing is just . . hard. however, i talked about it with one of the previous fellows [now an attending - hi n, if you're reading!] and it made me realize . . . it's not my fault. really!

here is what my schedule looks like on a normal 'lab' week:

plus, all of my vacation time has to be taken during lab months. i won't even be taking all of mine this year [we get 20 days; i'll use a total of 16] -- and i still feel guilty.

anyway, i plan on posting this schedule by my work area so that when people come by and find my spot vacant, they can at least see why. in addition to feeling like a chronic absentee, i am also a bit worried about getting my experiments done [many of which need to be timed pretty precisely, since they are done in knockout mice].

i guess i will just need to do some hard-core planning and organizing. luckily, those are both activities that i like :)

i blame jenna
one of my favorite blogs is eat live run [not to be confused with shelby's eat drink run which is equally fabulous, but in a different way!]. her baked goods make me salivate, her stories make me smile, and her photos are gorgeous.

she also has a love for anthro + orla kiely, and a great sense of style. and when she posted about her current fixation over one piece bathing suits, i was moved to head on over to my favorite site to check out their offerings.

as it turns out, they had some really cute ones, like this:

lane lines maillot

but then i saw the modern triangle bikini and i just had to.

HAD to! the construction just looks perfect, and it was already running out in many sizes

i knew i would regret it if i didn't at least give it a try. with my 15% birthday-month discount, i ordered the navy [though i like the purple, the color's size selection is already wiped out!].

now josh and i will have to make sure that trip to the beach this summer actually happens.

* reason #1? aghgh foot wounds. !!! give me a screaming snot-covered 2 year old any day.