Friday, April 01, 2011

yes, it's april 1st.

no fools here


don't worry -- no fake [or real -- no, fake! -- no, real! sigh . . . ] ultrasound pictures or heartfelt 'guys, i'm quitting the blog' announcements here. to be completely honest, every time i see things like that i throw up in my mouth a little. COME ON! either it will be obvious that you're lying [boring], or you're toying with everyone's emotions [mean]. i'm a very gullible person*, and truthfully 4/1 makes me a little bit uncomfortable!

* the one exception: i can spot fake blood sugar records from a mile away!

. . . but it is april!
a new month! and for me, a new month means new goals. but first, a quick glimpse back into march:

to be honest, march wasn't the most productive month ever. i did not succeed in truly kicking my email addition, nor did i manage to quit multitasking. however, i did do a lot of thinking and reflection, and perhaps left march a little happier and more at peace than when i entered it.

over this weekend, i will mull over some goals for april. i already have some good feelings about this month!

awesome things about april
kicking it off right: off this weekend WITH josh!
only one week on call [not sure how that happened but i'll TAKE it . . .]
boston weekend trip!!!
first peds endocrine conference ever, in colorado springs/denver
finding a new apartment! [i hope. because we are being pushed out of our current one on may 31st whether we have somewhere to go or not. um, oops?]
in NC, march showers bring april flowers.

fashion friday: clomp away
in real life, i think i sort of have a reputation for . . . clomping around. this is because i wear a minimum of 3 inch heels pretty much every day, and i absolutely love wooden wedges. clunky? chunky? sign me up. after a decade of more delicate offerings, i have been so excited that once again, the fashion world is in agreement with me!

look-through wedges, $178. look-through, indeed!

tied-and-thatched wedges, $198. not for short/stubby limbs like mine, but if you're leggy these would be a dramatic finish!

swooping asymmetry wedges get me in that pretty/ugly sort of way. $188. love.

these dearie me wedges ($150) are almost too tame, but i love the scalloping - and the name!

sneak previews, for the locals
josh and i are trying out a new restaurant tonight:

local and seasonal - sounds good to me

i'll let you know how it goes!

full frame documentary film fest is coming up! i am on call but thinking of trying to go anyway. tickets go on sale 4/4 at 7 am!



workout: elliptical/weights (total 45 minutes) + 20 minutes restorative lunar flow yoga from YD.

fresh is best
the fresh local lettuce and sprouts [both from bella bean] took this salad up a few notches. although i suspect the peanut butter also helped!

CL thai chicken salad with shrimp substituted instead