Wednesday, March 16, 2011

top 5

things i'm loving now!
obviously, i couldn't resist after yesterday's post!

spring being all . . . springy

no queston: spring is my favorite season. definitely #1 on this list!!

sunflower seed butter

i believe miss caroline was the one who turned me on to this magical substance!

blue point yoga

favorite instructors: sara, staci, brooks, and crystal!

locals: first class is free! therefore, you have no excuse not to join me for a class someday . . .

these raise-the-bars slingbacks

currently even ON SALE! aghgh, so tempting . . .

[honorable mentions go to the roof deck wedges and the island stripes!]

experience life magazine [with a special shout-out to this month's cooking light -- what a treasure trove of recipes!]

check out a few sample pages from the digital jan/feb issue, or read articles on their site

i'm headed out early to work out -- we have a patient arriving at 8 sharp!