Saturday, March 05, 2011

fully present

hello, weekend
i love traveling and visiting family and friends. i don't mind weekends on call. but sometimes the BEST kind of weekend is one like this one -- spent at home, with lots of fun local activities on the agenda.

okay, well, cleaning the bathroom doesn't exactly qualify as a 'fun local activity', but i still plan on doing it with presence.

40 days to personal revolution: checking in
i've been keeping you all updated on my daily yoga practices and attempted meditation sessions. but i thought i would mention some of the other things i have noticed throughout the first several days of this 40-day project.

i am handling small annoyances better than i did the last time i was on the pager.

i am noticing when i succumb to the temptation to multitask and almost always realize that it isn't worth it (exception: making two dinners at once earlier this week = awesome).

i still get impatient/frustrated/annoyed but i have been better about just sort of noticing those feelings and not letting them derail my day

i am LOVING the yoga! seriously, i think it is becoming addictive. some practices feel better than others -- yesterday, for example, i struggled with balancing poses that i hit really well the week before.

i am feeling more comfortable in my own skin. i'm not sure why that is -- nothing physical has changed in 4 days, i am sure. but i am perhaps able to do the same 'acknowledge and move on' thing when negative body image thoughts float through my head.

i am enjoying the break from email/constant connectivity more than i thought i would. it makes checking in more fun when i do, and i am finding myself able to stay more present the rest of the time. yay!

mindful eating is challenging at times. for example, when i ate approximately 50,000 tortilla chips and a margarita last night at dinner [evidence below]. however, i did sort of consciously decide to eat them, so perhaps that's still some progress.

and meditation is even harder! i am finding the 5-minute meditations more difficult than a 75-minute yoga class at times, which probably says something about me. however, i will keep on trying to clear my mind in hopes that it will get easier.

totally unrelated announcement
i plan on rocking at least one floor-length dress this summer:

just check out this endless lengths dress on the [gorgeous] carrie! a fashion inspiration.



workout: 75 minute yoga class at blue point. i struggled in some of the balances but happily held my yoga headstand through almost all of the "inversion of your choice" segment. i love staci's classes so much!

flying burrito
the only benefit to NOT ovulating on time (yeah, disappointing, but i'll keep waiting for that LH surge . . .):

is this.

we headed to the flying burrito for a casual dinner out. as i mentioned above, i ate about a zillion of these:

i thought the guac was especially delicious!

i always order the flyin' mayan, which is a burrito wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla and stuffed with black beans and sweet potatoes and covered in cheese. bonus = it's huge, so half always remains for the next day's lunch.

mmm. looking forward to this already!

meditation: 2 x 5 minutes, though my mind wandered like CRAZY yesterday! here is today's excavation question:
where in your life are you hiding? in other words, where do you privately know that you need to take more responsibility and/or become fully present?