Tuesday, February 15, 2011

just ♥

thank you all
for your kindness and support yesterday. lately, i have struggled between wanting to keep things light and fun on this blog vs. keeping things REAL, and i really appreciate those of you that don't mind me baring my soul a bit.

today is a new day, and i will keep all of your advice in mind. i will do my absolute best to focus on what i'm doing throughout the day and not on what i look like or what is not happening in my uterus. i will gently redirect myself when these thoughts inevitably cross my consciousness -- acknowledge, and move on.

i am still determined to enjoy my time during the waiting game. i think it's just going to take work and determination to meet this february goal -- i'm definitely finding it harder than tracking our budget or sticking to NROL4W.

ralph waldo emerson said it best:
"life is a journey, not a destination."
[he also said "for every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness." smart man.]

link ♥
still feeling a little raw, i don't have anything fabulous to write about this morning. so to avoid another sad-sack post, i thought i would just share some posts that have inspired me in the past few weeks -- i just went into my google reader and checked to see what i had marked with a star to revisit later (did you know you can do that? it's a great tool and lazier than clicking through and bookmarking!)

food for thought . . .
revel in anticipation, from the good ol' HP. i need to get some fun activities and events on the calendar, stat.

44 tips on staying productive while working at home by the fabulous angeliki over in the UK. i love her compilation of three great sources!

40 productivity hacks to make 2011 your best year ever, from organizing your way. my favorite tips are #12 and #27 -- so simple, yet often neglected.

giving up from faith, fitness, fun is about clearing one day of the weekend to just relax and be. i think i need to take her advice -- she is one wise woman.

and thoughts about food! [ie: recipes waiting in the wings]
the anticipation of someday trying these salted fudge brownies from eat, live, run is already making me happier!

nope, even after v-week i'm not sick of tofu! this tofu with peanut sauce from the daily garnish just looks mouth-wateringly good to me -- and it's 7 in the morning.

cranberry walnut mini-loaves from girl meets life. cranberry! walnut! mini! need i say more?

perhaps it is a little cheese withdrawal that is making me super-excited about jenna's baked 4-cheese macaroni recipe, but i am pretty sure that i need this in my life. soon.



workout: 25 minutes on the elliptical + NROL4W phase 1, week 2, workout A:
-- 2 x 12 squats -- i used an actual barbell this time rather than the smith machine, 15 lbs loaded on plus the weight of the bar (no idea how much that weighs!). i probably could have used more weight for the actual exercise BUT felt unwieldy getting the bar up on my shoulders! um. not sure what to do about that.

-- 2 x 12 pushups -- all regular straight-leg ones this time.

-- 2 x 12 seated rows -- 45 lbs (up from last week's 40)

-- 2 x 12 step-ups onto bench -- holding 10 lbs for first set, 8 lbs for second

-- 2 x 10 prone jack-knife on ball

v-day dinner: i have to say i welcomed this salmon back into my life with open arms.

this was actually a recipe-less dinner -- just broiled salmon with some olive oil + balsamic, grilled zucchini, plus (store-bought) gnocchi with a pesto i whipped up using some parsley, parmigiano-reggiano, olive oil, and walnuts. i have to admit that no recipe cooking can be sort of freeing sometimes!

and we had champagne, too -- which was a bit bittersweet. but still delicious.